Every Texan needs to go to Enchanted Rock

Over the past weekend, I went to Enchanted Rock in Fredricksburg, Texas. It was beautiful and amazing! Every Texan needs to visit at least 3 times and camp here once. This has to be my favorite state park here in Texas or at least in the Hill Country area. The view from the top of the primary rock is breathtaking. It never fails to just amaze me with how beautiful and untouched it is. The more and more I look around, the more I fall in love.


The Climb

I will say, though every time I go, I realize how flipping out of shape I am. (God why am I such a fat ass) That climb is such a workout, but the day I went was perfect! There was a gentle breeze, clear sky, the sun was shining, and I had tons of friends and water. I will say my friends did leave me behind a few times, but that cause I’m all about the climb, not the destination. I like to stop and look around as I go up to see how far I got and just soak everything in. Plus low-key, I needed to catch my breath.

We Made it!

After about 20 minutes of hiking, I got to the top! Let me say you can climb that rock every summer and every time it will look different. Depending on rainfall, the little ponds will be filled, different flowers will be growing, or you see various wildlife running around. I love that so much about nature. How it is always changing and diverse but still beautiful.  I think it’s so funny how much I love nature and animals, but I am such a city girl. I’ve been camping like twice, and every time I freak out over the smallest bugs. Yet I would go camping again in a heartbeat.

I think it’s just I love how uncontrollable the environment is. It doesn’t care about humans in a sense.  I always picture Mother Nature as this badass woman who doesn’t give to shit. “You don’t want that plant to be growing with your hedges well to bad.” I love that! The caves and wildlife growing on top are just amazing.

But I digress! My friends and I explored the caves a bit. I will say we all wander off from each other, which I liked. We all need to explore what we want out in the wild. Just climbing these rocks that have been there for hundreds and hundreds of years. Taking a breath of fresh air just felt so good.

Back to base

So the climb down was hilarious cause everyone I went with did not climb down together. Half of us got lost, and the other half stayed together and got to the car pretty quickly. But the time waiting for the others to get back gave me time to just enjoy what was around me and listen to the sounds of nature. It was nice! Sometimes you need to go back to basics to really just relax.

Like I said, this park is my favorite, and I think everyone should go, especially now with it being summer.  We should all enjoy what the earth as to offer now and then.

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