I am not a crazy cat lady… I just really like cats

My favorite animal is the cat. It always has been and always will be. I love cats. Growing up I always had a pet cat, and usually two at once. When my mom moved us to San Antonio and we were decorating the house we made one room the cat room. This room honestly looks like something from a 1970’s TV sitcom of a crazy cat lady. I love it! I would hang out in that room all the time. I would always tell my friends about this awesome room in my house. I would then tell them about my cats. I just love cats! And if you don’t love cats honestly why not? Cats are so much more like humans than dogs. Dogs are just “yes-men,” while cats are… well, dicks… like most people. Cats are more independent and aloof which to me is better than a dog that gets confused everytime you leave the house. Cats are more cunning in my opinion. Sure a dog can learn tricks but they don’t understand why just they get a treat if they do it. Cats can learn tricks but choose not too. They think “why do a trick  when the human has to feed me anyway?” Cats are manipulative and weird that’s real smarts, and more human-like to me.

Anywho… whoever is reading this is probably thinking “is this girl really going to just ramble about cats?” The answer is yes, I am! Why? Well, for one because I can, and two because just recently my beautiful grumpy childhood best friend Mischief has passed away after 17 years. And I guess I am writing this in honor of her and to remember all the amazing cats I have had in my life. Also to let people know how great cats are.

Mischief grew up with me and loved me. I was like her mother. We got her when I was four years old and she was just a little kitten. The runt of the litter. She was originally my sister’s cat. I had Snowangel, a white kitty who ended up running off to join a cat gang. (Yes she ran away to be a street cat.) Mischief later became my cat when Snowangel ran away and my sister started to go out more with human friends. Mischief was a lazy cat that just liked to sleep and lay around all day. Basically me in cat form. Over the years she would sleep with me every night, lay by me when I was doing homework and would cry for me when I wasn’t home. She would play with me now and then but we mostly just watched TV together. But eventually she got old and was getting sick so we took her to the vet. And well, it didn’t look good and we found out she didn’t have much time left with us at that point. She was 17 when she died on my last day of college. Which was sweet, she made it to see me finish school since she was with me when I started school as a little kid. Mischief loved me and I loved her. I couldn’t have had a better cat.

I have had lots of cats that I loved so much, but I will always remember my first cat. We got Cookie just a few months after I was born.  He also was my mom’s handsome fella manly man. He was a grumpy old man cat who didn’t let anyone touch him or pick him up. The only time you could was if you sneak up behind him and grab him when he wasn’t looking.  Cookie had to deal with our new kittens when he was already an old cat who didn’t want to play anymore but he dealt with it. He would bite me whenever I would pet him just a little too much for his taste, but he was great and loved my mom. He would sleep right outside her bedroom. He also listened to her and on his last days just stayed by her door. He passed away at 14 which is still a long time for an indoor/outdoor cat. Cookie taught me how great cats are no matter the bites.

Now we have Timmy who is literally the worst cat we have ever had. He is the only cat that destroys our furniture and who had tried to kill us. Timmy is a black cat with spooky green eyes, he isn’t the best-looking cat we have had but his personality makes up for it. But Timmy is always the biggest dick. He won’t use the cat door if we are home instead he will meow to be let out. And if you don’t do it fast enough he will knock stuff off the dresser. He also proves why I think cats are like humans. That is such a passive aggressive thing to do! He will also bite you for no reason as you pet him. He also does not understand rain at all. He will flop on the floor just to get in your way. But he is so silly and fun to laugh at.

That’s what cats are: silly little furry humans. They are the most independent pet you can have while also being completely dependent on you. Cats are so smart but can act so dumb at times. I love cats because of how simple yet complex they are. You never know what a cat is going to be like from day to day. One day Mischief was just lazy AF and the next she would run around the house with so much energy. Timmy would bite me as I am refilling his food but then cuddle up with me at night. Cats are the best. And I am not a crazy cat lady yet, but if I had to be one I think I would be okay with that.



4 thoughts on “I am not a crazy cat lady… I just really like cats

  1. pink4life1994 says:

    I love cats. I had a lot of cats in my life. I was blessed with couple special cats too. Your story was awesome & It is special by you honoring your special fury friend God blessed you with. Thank you for sharing your story!!! God bless you. Keep smiling😃


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