Post Grad Life Update

Hey Cool Cats!

It’s been a hot minute since I posted on here. Why? Oh, cause, I had to fricking graduate finally and get a job and start #adulting. Which honestly is so annoying to say. Adulting is not a real thing. You just realize how you need to start taking more responsibility for yourself and other important shit in your life that your parents took care of you. You can learn that lesson really at any age, so there is no real age when you start being an adult. I guess by law, it is when you are 18, but like my mom still paid for everything for me at that age (bill wise at least).

Anywho! That’s what I been up to. Over the summer, I was job hunting for a “big girl job,” hanging with friends to enjoy our “last summer,” dating my now-boyfriend, and I went to Mexico City too. I was honestly hella busy. So that’s why I wasn’t writing because I had a lot going on. But I finally got one! My first “real” job….it’s not in my field, but it is a job for now. Honestly, the first job you get out of college probably is not going to be your dream, or even what you want to do or studied for or even good pay.  It is like that pre-reg class you have to take to before that other class in your major.  It is just a learning experience. You learn how you really work, organize, prioritize, and motive yourself. At least that’s what I think I should be learning from this new chapter in my life.

That’s adult life now, I guess. Hanging out with friends is kinda different now too. We do happy hours or work on stuff over the weekend at a coffee shop. Also, dating is different too. Before dates were basically going to an event on campus or eating fast food after class. Now, like going out to bars and restaurants because you actually have money to do stuff! OR just staying in and watching TV/napping cause you are tired from work all week. It’s a balance.

But now I am settling into things and ready to write again! I have a lot to say and even if I’m just typing into the world wide web where no one cares. At least my mom and sister will probably read this…

Wow, does that make me a loser?

Find out on the next blog post! (not really)



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