Hobbies are so 2020, or maybe I’m a loser.

It has now been a year since the pandemic started, and we all went into quarantine. And during that time, so many of us tried to fill the dead space/time in our new lives with these old-timey things called hobbies. Remember those? Rumors say there are to be whole stores devoted to hobbies, a hobby lobby of sorts. I saw so many sourdough starters, plants, protein shakes, paintings, jewelry-making kits, and more on my timeline. And I just continued to eat snacks and watch The Office.

I didn’t pick up some old hobby or activity like everyone else around me. I felt like, “What? I now need to add some extracurricular activity to my list of pointlessness?” The world is in chaos, and you want me to make whipped coffee. I just continued trying to fill my time with hate binges, TV shows, and food with the occasional workout/book. I spent my day applying for 100+ jobs and questioning my choices every time I hit sent for an application. Thank goodness I could find remote, part-time employment and my mom let me move back home after a brief stint in DFW.

I watched people post about their baking, cooking, sewing adventures while I felt like I had anything to show for my dead time. But I was living at home waiting for life to restart for me while it seemed like everyone else was trying to make a new in the “new normal.” I didn’t want to do all these Tik Tok trends or other activities unless I was alone. I felt weird living back at home after having my own space. It’s that same old millennial saying that you move back home and feel like you’re 16 again. I stayed home all of college, even though I was out of the house for a few months. Those few months made me feel a bit independent. I cooked, worked out, made cocktails, and just did whatever I want. Then I moved back home, where I would have a few hours between the day where I was 100% alone to do what I wanted. Then it hit me.

Hobbies are great…when you are alone and able to do whatever you want! Hobbies are great, but I want to do them alone. I like to do what I want with no one asking what you are doing. Sure, I’ll share maybe after the fact, but please don’t ask how I am painting my nails as I am doing it.

After the wild year of 2020, I moved out and have my own space with my boyfriend. It’s nice because I can do whatever I want! I can paint my nails for hours, go for a walk whenever I want, make whatever recipe I want. Without judgment, or just having someone ask what you are doing, or feeling like it not perfect for social media like everyone else post online.

So yeah, hobbies aren’t some old, outdated activity but something that brings you joy whenever you want at whatever point in your life. I realized I have hobbies; I didn’t feel like they were hobbies cause I was doing them quickly during the time I had alone.

Now I cook every night, make fabulous cocktails, started a patio garden, walk on the trails daily. I do cross stitches, nail art, and scrapbook. I have hobbies! How 2020 of me!



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