Auld Lang Syne

With the end of another year that has come and gone, I feel it is time to do what all the basic girls in America do.

REflect on the Year

I figured out what I wanted to do with my life by failing my accounting classes and getting a fantastic marketing internship at Embark Marketing. I mean, I am still kinda clueless on the whole job title and career path, but I at least have an idea. I am excited though for post-grad life, which is just about 4 months away.

I realized how important self-love is, and also it okay to still want someone to hold your hand at the end of the night. I also realized what I want in that relationship when the right guy shows up.

I got to travel to France in 2017, making me realize how much I haven’t seen and how big the world really is. I want to explore that world even more in 2018 and so on.

Also, I got to visit France with my best friend! I never had many close friends, but this year and that trip made me see how meaningful friendships are. That way, when I want to go try out a new ice cream place, I can always count on them.

I learned and grew a lot this year, but I can also keep growing and learning, so in 2018 my motto is…

Don’t let your Dreams stop you

I know that sounds like nonsense, and maybe it is. My sister said it last night as she danced around like a drunk girl. (love her) But I am doing it. I am going to chase my dreams no matter how crazy and no matter how small they seem.

So in 2018, I’m getting fit, wearing more face mask, and reading more. I will travel to Mexico City, graduate with a job ready and cuddle with my cat more. I will also be writing more on this blog, so y’all can all follow along.

Those are my dreams for 2018. That’s what I will be focusing on. I am excited about the year and scared to cause well, to be honest, the future seems terrifying. But its also exciting. I will be growing even more while still being my true silly curious, stubborn self. So Happy New Year, kittens!



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